Custom Packaging Solutions

At Master Packaging, we take a consultative approach to sales, which helps us develop innovative custom solutions for our customers. We listen to you and we take the time to evaluate your facility and your current packing process to make sure we understand your needs and goals. Whether you’re unhappy with your current supplier, you have a unique packaging need, you’re looking for ways to save money, or preparing for a product launch, we can help.

Let’s Talk

We’re based in Tulsa and we serve businesses located throughout Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri and north Texas. As an independently owned and operated regional packaging company, we’re able to act quickly and get you the answers you need when questions come up. We believe in building relationships and solving problems for our customers, and we’re here to be your partner and your go-to resource for product packaging and crating.

custom packing solutions

custom kitting solutions

Improve Efficiency

Our sales team will walk the floor with you to look for any roadblocks or opportunities to improve efficiency. Our recommendations could include streamlining packaging to cut down on the number of package types you need. We also offer time-saving kitting and crating services.

Reduce Costs

There are a number of ways to save money in the packing process. We look at each step to find ways to help you cut costs on supplies, shipping and labor while reducing losses due to damage. We’ll evaluate your package design, packing methods, and the materials and equipment used.

Package Design

Whether you’re preparing to launch a new product, you want to refresh a current brand, or you’re looking for more cost-effective ways to package your products, we can help. We’ll provide you with package designs that appeal to customers and are efficient to pack and ship.

Protect Products

When products are damaged during shipping or storage, it not only costs you money, it creates a bad experience for your customer. We design custom packaging and product packs that will protect your products and parts so they arrive safely at their destinations.

Reduce Lead Time

Whether you’re shipping parts to a service center, products to a retailer, or fulfilling customer orders directly, the right packaging can make the process fast and efficient. Cutting your production lead time makes customers happy and allows you to fill more orders.

Save Space

If your business is expanding or you want to increase production space, we can help. We offer warehousing and distribution services so you can store your packaging supplies offsite with us and have them delivered when you need them. This will free up floor space for production.