Our Edge

The fact of the matter is, almost anyone can sell packaging supplies and equipment and there are many options in the market. However, not everyone can connect with customers and provide real solutions to the challenges they’re facing. It is our desire to find the areas MPI can attach value to the items you use and determine the best way to service our customers. We take a customer-centric approach, by not rushing into a sale. We spend time on your floor, asking lots of questions, and learning about your business in order to find the areas where we can help. And whatever the customer’s needs are, we’re never pushy and we never push stock items or volume just to beef up a sale. At Master Packaging, our edge is the relationships we build with our customers.

Let’s Talk

We’re based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and we’re a privately owned and operated regional packaging distributor in the area. Sometimes we talk to prospective customers who are happy with their current packaging provider, and we truly wish them the best. However, if a potential customer isn’t happy with the products or services they’re receiving, we take the time to find out why. Then, we provide them with custom solutions to better meet their needs. This caring, consultative approach sets us apart from other packaging providers.

Our Capabilities

Tulsa, OK


We strive to develop a two-way relationship that brings long-term value to our customers. This means asking where we can provide value. Whether the answers are eliminating barriers, improving process flow or saving on costs, we do our best to meet these goals.


We pride ourselves on providing innovative solutions for our customers packaging needs. To do this, we take a consultative approach: We ask lots of questions to get to know your company’s processes and pain points so we can suggest process improvements and custom solutions.


With the Master Packaging team, what you see is what you get. A lot of companies say they’re a family; we mean it. We like to have fun and joke around, but we’re also not afraid to get our hands dirty and we work hard every day serving our customers.


We understand the demands and dilemmas faced by today’s manufacturers and distributors. When we make a packaging recommendation, it’s based on more than 70 years of combined experience saving our customers money and making packing processes more efficient.


We’ve been independently owned and operated since 1987. As a privately owned regional packaging supplier in the Oklahoma area, we’re a nimble company that can make quick decisions to serve our customers without a lot of red tape.

Let’s Talk

If you’re ready to work with a packaging supplier that’s authentic, genuine, logical and provides common sense solutions, contact Master Packaging. We’ll provide you with a free assessment of the real opportunities in your facility for process improvement and cost savings. Contact us today!